Origami Peace Birds for Syria



İZMİR - German Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel is a traveler, who has begun to make origami Peace Birds and hand them in the trees since he saw the racist and discriminatory approach against Syrian refuges in Greek Islands. Thomas writes words on the origami birds such as, "Mercy, Empathy and Love". Thomas wants to raise awareness against the war and discrimination with origami Peace Birds for Syria.

German Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel is an activist and traveler. Thomas has carried out works for refugees in many countries, including his country. Thomas, who has tried to arouse attention of people by organizing sculpture shows in Germany, has been making origami peace birds to raise awareness for Syrian refugees. "I want to raise people's awareness by hanging them not only Syrian border but also in trees, fences, gates."

Thomas told us the countries he has visited, "First, I began to walk from Germany to Thailand in 2012. Then, I walked to Iran, it lasted three years. I had to stay in Iran for six months for visa issue. After Iran, I worked in Armenia for my project. Meanwhile, I worked in Greek Islands for the refugees. I planned to continue my march after completing my works in Greece; however, I wanted to send my Peace Birds to Syrian from Turkey-Syria border."

Thomas told us why he began to make Peace Birds for Syria, "We met Syrian refugees in Lesbos, one of islands of Greece, and we gave dry clothes and food to the refugees. We built places for refugees to stay. I tried to clean the beach for four months. There wasn't any tourist in Lesbon and people blamed refugees to stop the tourism. They were very angry at them. So, I decided to make origami Peace Birds to calm down the people by writing on them some words such as, "Mercy, Empathy and Love", handing them in the trees. And I began to carry out my project named, "Peace Birds for Syria".

Thomas said that he wants to raise people's awareness, "Other people also can make their origami Peace Birds and write their peace messages on them. I post a video on my social media account to show how people can make Peace Birds. I hope people in different places support the project."